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Our exhibits focus on Southern New England highlighting the Narragansett Tribe.  Learn about the amazing life of a real Rhode Island hero, the prominent marathon runner and Olympic athlete  Ellison "Tarzan" Brown, who was first and foremost a Narragansett.


Explore Narragansett history through  The Pursuit of Happiness: An Indigenous View which reflects on the denial of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The exhibit focuses on Education, Spirituality, Political and Economic Sovereignty, Love and Family, and the importance of traditional language.

The Eastern Woodland Basket Exhibit  highlights ash splint baskets from southern New England. Come view the beautiful birchbark cantainers, stamped baskets, and porcupine adorned containers.

August Meeting Pow Wow allows visitors to view various pictures, cultural materials, traditional clothing, and films highlighting the Narragansett Tribe's Annual August Meeting Pow Wow and Green Corn Celebration. August Meeting Pow Wow is the Oldest Recorded Native Gathering in the country.Various traditional musical instruments are exhibited and  their uses as well as materials used to create these traditional items is expressed.

The Narragansett Indian Church exhibit traces the history and significance of the church through the eyes of tribal elders in Framing Community Spirit: The Narragansett Indian Church.

View the spectacular Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of the American Indian Youth Mural created by Wampanoag Artist Deborah Spears Moorehead & the students of Nuweetooun School.

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